AXIS Real Estate Solutions Inc. is a hard-working, multifaceted real estate company dedicated to selling the best built homes to the buying public. Our commitment to understanding the individual needs of each type of buyer, along with our hands-on approach when working with developers, ensures that the homes that are built and purchased are exactly what consumers are looking for.

Our services cover a wide range of areas, but it all begins with our keen knowledge of the market. We take great pride in the research we do to understand the needs and the demographics of the neighbourhoods we’re working in. From here we move to helping the developer build the right type of home for the people wanting to live there. This has us working closely with the architects, landscape architects and interior designers. We also assist in developing the marketing strategy based on our extensive market research. From conception to completion, we’re there every step of the way, ensuring the best value for the homebuyer. The results are homes that developers are proud to put their name on and owners that are proud to call their own.

From the moment a potential buyer steps into the Presentation Centre, to communicating construction updates or finally handing over the keys to the new home owner, AXIS understands the emotional and financial commitment necessary from the purchaser as well as the level of confidence required to make that important commitment.

Having worked on close to 7,500 homes worth over 3 billion dollars, AXIS has contributed to some of Canada’s leading developers building beautiful, lasting homes in and around the Lower Mainland.

Supported by years of experience, it has been through our straightforward, professional and progressive attitude that AXIS has become a real estate company to be reckoned with.